New Procella DA5000-DSP amplifier

DA5000-DSP new Procella Audio amplifier

NEW Procella DA5000-DSP

The Procella V21 subwoofer took CEDIA Expo 2018 in San Diego by storm! And here’s the amp to drive it the DA5000-DSP. Because two huge 21" drivers in a V-configuration will do that to even the most jaded of AV integrator; it drops their jaw and only one sound would come out… WOW! Over, and over again…

And the specs! 145dB at 50Hz peak, 139dB continuous, and with a -3 dB point of 18Hz, that means we are playing with 18Hz at 136dB continuous! Breath in…

To make the gargantuan V21 perform to this level you need Watts, lots of Watts. So we now introduce the DA5000-DSP amplifier to our line-up.

Using the DA5000, each of the 21” drivers is wired up to its own two-and-a-half-thousand Watts… Yes, the math is staggering: 2 x 2,500 Watts for a total of 5,000 Watts.

We have tested the DA5000, and it is very good! We have pre-programmed the built-in DSP with the perfect XO and EQ curves for the V21 (and the V18), so that the DA5000 can play out-of-the-box with these amazing subwoofers. The DA5000-DSP is made for us by Powersoft, but only through official Procella dealers can you get the DSP pre-programmed to perfection, and the cool black Procella Audio livery and logo on your DA5000!

Now only one question remains… are you ready for this much bass? For this much power?

Yes you are…