ISE 2017 Procella Audio

ISE 2017 – Best 3D Audio demo?

ISE 2017 Procella Audio and two European companies worked together to create the best 3D audio demo cinema possible

At the ISE 2017 Procella Audio, Trinnov, Artnovion made a 3D audio demo home cinema. The room was built and tested in full in the beginning of January somewhere secret in the Netherlands. this to measure our sound performance, just to make sure. And we installed a crazy 11.3.10 3D audio home cinema system.

ISE 2017 Procella Audio
ISE 2017 Procella Audio

This was the Procella Audio – Trinnov – Artnovion set-up at ISE 2017, Booth 5-U72:

  • Configuration: 11.3.10 in Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D and DTS-X
  • Processor: Trinnov Altitude 32, 24-channel
  • L/C/R: 3 x Procella P815 (3 x DA06-DSP)
  • HL/HC/HR: 3 x Procella P8 (2 x DA05-DSP)
  • Sub: 1 x Procella V18 & 2 x P15 (2 x DA07)
  • Wide: 2 x Procella P6V
  • Surround: 6 x Procella P6
  • Ceiling: 7 x Procella P5
  • Surround amps: 2 x Trinnov Amplitude, total 16 channels
  • Room Design: Audio Data Lab and Artnovion
  • Room Acoustics: Artnovion
  • Projector: SIM2

The sound room has been fully pre-built and tested. Result: “…much, much better… good tonal balance.. plenty of impact … good bass extension with the V18… Overall it is very good"

ISE 2017 Procella Audio
ISE 2017 Procella Audio