Procella Audio ISE 2019 invitation


You give us channels? We will use your channels!

When Trinnov Audio announced the Altitude 48 Extender, we knew we had more toys to play with. So we redesigned our Procella Audio sound room for ISE 2019 to use as many channels, as many loudspeakers, as needed for a truly immersive, optimal cinematic audio experience. So this time it will be a 21.4.10 system, with some unusual but well thought out loudspeaker placements, as follows:

Five screen channels! Not just Left, Centre and Right, but two more speakers behind the screen: Inner-Left and Inner-Right. The use of five channels behind the screen is common practice in professional cinema and this year you will be reminded why: it provides a rock solid front soundstage with impeccable detail across the front. Of course the perfect loudspeaker for this role is the THX PM3 certified centre-piece of our line-up, the Procella P8! These five screen channels get their own dedicated subwoofer to take care of their bass-managed bass extension, in the form of the venerable P18!

Fourteen surrounds, two Wides and ten overheads? Yes of course! Three of those overheads are Height LCR above the screen, being Procella P6, and then there is a central Voice of God (P5), with the rest of the P5 in a Atmos layout, two rows along the ceiling. All of the 16 surrounds and wides are P6V, as we are aiming for power, detail and immersive density at the ISE 2019.

With that much intensity in the loudspeaker configuration, we need a V21 main subwoofer! Main LFE bass is going to be powerful and deep, powered by our new DA5000-DSP amplifier, supplying a brutal 2 x 2500 Watts into the two 21" drivers. Are you excited yet?

Two more subwoofers complete the system, being two Procella P15-FP subs, each with dual 15" drivers. These will only be used to provide the bass for the surrounds and Atmos channels, each powered by the DA2800-DSP amplifier, which is returning to our line-up.

ISE 2019 is going to be a memorable one

With Trinnov Audio, Kaleidescape and Procella Audio delivering extended, immersive home theatre audio like never before.

ATMOS 21.4.10

  • Screen Channels: 5 x Procella P8 (powered by Procella DA2800-DSP)
  • Screen Channels Subwoofer: 1 x Procella P18 (powered by Procella DA5000-DSP)
  • LFE/Main Subwoofer: 1 x Procella V21 (powered by Procella DA5000-DSP)
  • Surround/Atmos Subwoofer: 2 x Procella P15 (powered by Procella DA2800-DSP)
  • Surround: 14 x Procella P6V (powered by Trinnov Amplitude8)
  • Wide: 2 x Procella P6V (powered by Trinnov Amplitude8)
  • Screen Height Channels: 3 x Procella P6 (powered by Trinnov Amplitude8)
  • Atmos/VoG Channels: 7 x Procella P5 (powered by Trinnov Amplitude8)