NEW Procella P8iW

Designed primarily for use as a height or surround channel speaker, the P8iW delivers the full performance of the classic P8 while gracefully integrating into any room’s decor. Its 1.5" compression driver is mounted on a new 90 degree circular waveguide that is mounted at an angle of 15 degrees relative to the front baffle. This enables the installer to direct the high frequency radiation towards the listening position, even when the speaker is mounted overhead as a height channel. With its 8 inch woofer, the speaker can reach 128 dB peak output!

The P8iW uses Procella’s wing-mounting system for easy and efficient installation. Its input terminals are on the removable front baffle that contains the drivers and crossovers, providing easy installation and service access. Both black and white fabric grilles are included. Delivery of the P8iW should be mid-2018.