CocaCola Plaza Premium SCAPE Theater in Tallinn Estonia 3

Premium SCAPE Theater in Tallinn, Estonia

The loudspeakers used for the AS2 design were designed by Procella founding partner Anders Uggelberg. Over the last decade, this system and Procella loudspeakers have been exclusively installed in each of the premium theaters operated by NCG under the Finnkino (Finland) and Forum (Baltic) theater brands. In 2016, this will be expanded to include theaters in Sweden and Norway. The Atmos implementation in the Tallinn theater was designed as a joint effort by Nordic Cinema Group and Dolby Laboratories. For all Atmos theater installations, Dolby’s involvement begins in the early stages of design and culminates in testing and approval of each theater before its opening.rnrnUpon completion of the audio system tuning and Dolby commission, Ari ‘Jaska’ Saarinen, Tech Manager for the Nordic Cinema Group, stated “The system is by far the best sounding Atmos system that I have ever heard. It is truly the culmination of our 10 year cooperation with Procella in developing loudspeakers for our exclusive AS2 sound system.

The challenge of developing loudspeakers for the AS2’s unique approach to cinema sound has been quite rewarding

stated Procella partner Anders Uggelberg. “The sonic and visual benefits of the AS2 system are quite significant. And in the enhanced sonic environment that Dolby Atmos now makes available, it enables an even more immersive experience for theatergoers.” Procella’s cinema loudspeakers models are distinct from the Procella consumer lineup, while sharing common design elements and concepts. In the Tallinn Scape cinema, 68 loudspeakers are used in a 31.5.20 Dolby Atmos configuration. The speaker array consists of five screen speakers, 26 base surrounds, 20 ceiling-mounted overhead speakers, and 17 subwoofers reproducing 5 low-frequency channels. The five main/screen speakers are Procella C124 tri-amplified three-way speakers that use a high-frequency compression driver and an 8 inch midrange speaker mounted on proprietary waveguides. Low frequencies are handled by four 12 inch woofers in a ‘W’ configuration.

  • The C22 overhead and surround speakers use the same high-frequency compression driver and waveguide with a 12 inch woofer.
  • Each P18 subwoofer has dual 18-inch drivers mounted in a sealed enclosure.
  • The Tallinn Scape Theater is a 465 seat room, with a 20.4 x 8.6 meter screen (170 square meters) that spans the entire front wall.
  • The DP4K-60L projector, which is the only Barco 4K laser projector in the Baltic and Nordic countries, delivers 56,000 lumens. In combination with the solid screen, it produces incredibly bright colors and vivid images with enormous dynamic range.
  • Amplification is by 53 Yamaha power amplifiers rated at 79,500 Watts continuous.