Private Home Theater Netherlands with Procella Audio

Private Home Theater in the Netherlands

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This particular client was searching the home theater market for a partner who was willing to help them with a complete integration of equipment, acoustic treatment and the interior of the home cinema.

The installer Home Cinema Experience, “They came to us having the wish for a home theater in their new villa. What they wanted was a room where they can relax or enjoy movies and concerts, but did not know how to achieve that. After a successful presentation together with Procella, we had a great conversation in our showroom.”

As well as all the technical AV equipment, the team was also responsible for the complete interior design and correct acoustic treatment.

With our knowledge and Trinnov, we provided them a technical plan. It was a match made in heaven and they could offer the client a full covering experience for the room.

“The 11.1.4 setup is delivered by three front speakers of Procella’s P610 and the very powerful P18 subwoofer in a special build baffle wall to house the speakers. The rest of the audio is delivered by Porcella’s P5 speaker series. Trinnov’s Altitude 32 was the only choice to fully support the speaker configuration.

Technical challenges on this job sprung from having to deal with a non-symmetric room. After a conversation with Procella and the client, it was decided to build a wall in the room to create a better audio environment and also provide room to store all of the equipment as well as a snack and drinks bar.

The total experience is also the favourite of the client

Home Theater Dolby Atmos 11.1.4 project kit list 

1x Trinnov Altitude32 16-24

3x Procella Audio DA05-DSP amplifiers | for 3x P610

1x Procella Audio DA06-DSP amplifier | for 1x P18

3x Labgruppen E10.4 amplifiers | for 8x P5V and 4x P5iW

3x Procella Audio P610 full range LCR

2x Procella Audio P5V wides

4x Procella Audio P5V surrounds

2x Procella Audio P5V back surrounds

4x Procella Audio P5iW heights

1x Oppo UDP-203

1x Apple TV 4K

1x Shuttle fanless mediaPC

2x Furmann power control

1x ELAN control system integrated in KNX environment

This Home Theater article was published in the 2019 march edition of Essential Install and Home Cinema Choice.