Procella Audio European Reference Demo Cinema

Procella Audio European Reference Demo Cinema

Procella demo cinema, 15.3.10, 28 speakers, nearly 30,000 Watts of amplification

UPDATE: work in progress first floor with Mediaroom 5.2.2 and a training room.

Procella demo cinema is available to industry and end-users for demonstrations and training on an appointment basis

Stockholm, Sweden and Harderwijk, Netherlands – December 2020 (update 15 Mai 2023)

We are pleased to announce the opening of our European Procella Demo Cinema and showroom in Harderwijk, Netherlands. This 15-seat reference quality theater has a 160 inch screen and utilizes a full 15.3.10 channel Procella Audio loudspeaker system featuring P815 LCR speakers, P6V ear-level wide and surround channel speakers, P6 screen height channel speakers, P5 top channel speakers, and V21 and P15 subwoofers. The showroom and cinema are located about a 45 minute drive east of Schiphol Airport.

Procella Star Wars Cinema
Procella Star Wars Cinema

The Procella demo cinema has a modern Swedish design flavour, integrating its acoustical elements in a stunning open design that enables visitors to see the loudspeakers among the custom-made oak wood panels and exposed acoustical treatments. The components and many of the acoustical and construction elements of the theater were originally utilized as the company’s ISE show exhibit in February 2021, and have been integrated into the cinema with enhancements to the internal finish.

With 15 seats, the room easily accommodates screenings, product demonstrations and trainings. The separate showroom includes a display of all Procella speaker models and a separate training area, all suitable for hosting events, entertaining visitors and for training sessions on any of the installed products.

Procella Star Wars Cinema
Procella Star Wars Cinema

The Procella demo cinema dimensions, acoustical design and implementation of acoustical treatments were designed by renowned acoustical designer Ingemar Ohlsson of Audio Data Lab in Sweden. The finished and visible room acoustical treatments were provided by SMT of Sweden. Not visible is the bass trapping located in the seating platforms, along the ceiling, and in the projection room behind the back wall. The tailor made oak interior finish was is the product of interior design firm Customwood, and construction was completed by the team of theater experts at Home Cinema Projects. The entire project was completed under the supervision of Gerard Brouwer.

The Procella demo cinema itself represents not only the best in home cinema loudspeakers but state-of-the-art audio processing and video display, courtesy of Trinnov Audio’s Altitude32 processor, Barco’s Loki projector, and a 160 inch 2.35:1 Screen Research acoustically transparent projection screen. Amplification is provided by 7 Procella DA-2800DSP and 2 DA-5000DSP power amplifiers. Highly comfortable seating is courtesy of Home Cinema Modules, and the contemporary lighting was designed and provided by Moresenz.

Procella Star Wars Cinema
Procella Showroom EU entrance

When entering the Procella EU showroom your welcomed in our casual seating area and kitchen.

The Procella EU showroom walls and kitchen have an oak wood finish with black accents throughout the whole building

Procella Showroom EU entrance
Procella Showroom EU loudspeaker line-up

In the Procella EU showroom all our loudspeakers, subwoofers are on display.

When you go up to the first floor of the Procella EU showroom you will find a Mediaroom with a 5.2.2 layout. A 85inch TV with 3x P5iCW Above Screen, 2x P15A and 2x P1 as height channels. Our new AVR1680 is driving this setup (Available Q3/Q4 2023)

Procella Star Wars Cinema

Specifications: 15.3.10 Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X, DTS:X Pro, Auro3D (updated)

Processor: Trinnov Altitude 32 (32 channels)
Power Amplifiers: 7 x Procella DA03-DSP (4x280W), 2 x DA08-DSP (4x800W)
Screen speakers: 3x Procella P815
Wide speakers: 2x Procella P6V
Surround speakers: 6x Procella P6V
Back Surround speakers: 4x Procella P6V
Height speakers: 7x P5, 3x P6
Subwoofers: 1 x Procella V21, 2x P15FP
Mediaplayer: Kaleidescape, Apple TV 4K, Nvidia TV Shield Pro, Kodi widescreen

Projector: Barco Loki
Screen: 1: 2,35 Screen Research FS3 ISF THX certified 160” 4,06m wide

Room acoustics: SMT Diffusers on walls and ceiling, AkustikMiljö absorber baffle wall, Helmholtz absorbers tuned at 42Hz along ceiling and more

Equipped with a full array of source components, the theater features movie and music libraries stored on a Kaleidescape Strato and a QNAP NAS accessed through a Nvidia Shield TV Pro, in addition to an Apple TV 4K for streaming sources.

Visitors interested in experiencing the Procella Cinema should contact the Procella team at