Procella wins Top Choice 2024 Award from AVS Forum

Procella wins Top Choice 2024 Award from AVS Forum

“It’s clear these are among the best speakers I’ve encountered for home theater duties"

Hot off the press! AVS Forum has just published a full Procella system review. Editor Erik Wesley was blown away with the performance! You can read the full review at this link.

The review is of a complete 11.1.8 channel system with 4 subwoofers. Here’s the mix:

    • LCRs – P610s
    • Wide/Surround/Rear Surround/Surround 2 – P6V
    • Top Front/Middle/Rear/High Center/Top – P5
    • Subwoofers – 3 x P18, 1 x P15
    • Subwoofer amplification – DA08-DSP
    • Processing and amplification – Trinnov Altitude32, Trinnov AMP8, Trinnov AMP16

How about some highlights?

Erik’s evaluation was not limited to movie content. He spent just as much time auditioning the speakers with music – in stereo, immersive 5.1 and Atmos. He “explored a broad range of music genres" and said “I initially assumed these home theater speakers would primarily excel with movies, given their design, but they thoroughly exceeded my expectations with music as well."

Erik experienced the cinema impact of Procella subwoofers, stating “What stood out was not just the strength of the bass, but also the precision" and “the impact [was] so strong it felt as though tactile transducers were at work, vibrating the seats without any actual “butt kickers" being used."

Dynamic range and high output? Listening at reference plus levels, he said “even at these elevated volumes, all the speakers maintained their integrity. There was no audible distortion nor did the speakers sound strained; they effortlessly reproduced the intense dynamics of the scene without any compromise".

Erik’s thoughts on Procella as an investment in high-performance audio: “The value of the Procella Audio speakers becomes apparent when comparing their cost to their performance to other high-end audio systems. They offer a balance that makes them a great investment for home theater enthusiasts."

The speaker system was awarded an AVS Top Choice 2024 award, making it “a preferred option for those who prioritize audio quality in their home entertainment space."