The Procella AVR-1680 boasts top quality components, has 16 Balanced pre-out, 11 powered outputs, supports Dolby Atmos, DTS X and Dolby Vision. The AVR-1680 has Auto eq and has full PEQ capabilities.

The AVR-1680 is only available in China and Hong Kong

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At last – Procella Audio quality in a processor/receiver! The AVR-1680 launches Procella into a new product category with a highly versatile single box solution that combines the practicality of a receiver with the capability of a stand-alone processor.
For impeccable immersive audio, the AVR1680 discretely renders up to 16 channels of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, with up to three independent subwoofer channels and the option to add either top middle or wide channels to a basic 7.1.4 system configuration.

Procella stands for wide dynamic range, and the AVR1680 delivers, with 240W/channel for the L/C/R channels and 120W/channel for an additional 8 channels. Setup and room tuning can be accomplished through a proprietary AutoEQ system with included microphone, as well as available PEQ filters. The L/C/R channels offer 11 bands of PEQ, with 7 bands each for the other channels and 5 for each subwoofer output.

Six HDMI 2.0 inputs, two outputs and eARC capability provide great flexibility for multiple sources and displays.


Rated power output (total 11 channels)

Left/Center/Right 240W @ 8Ω (THD=1%, 1ch, 1 kHz), Surround/Height 120W @ 8Ω (THD=1%, 1chl, 1 kHz)

Audio formats

Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, legacy, DTS:X, DTS HD Master, legacy


4K/60Hz, RGB 4:4:4, 18Ghz bandwith

HDMI (6 inputs 2 outputs)

HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, Supports eARC, Dolby Vision, HDR10, auto lipsync, CEC


<0,03%, (A-weighted, pure 1 kHz)

Frequency response

10Hz-50Khz, (±1/-3dB, pure)


>95dB, (A-weighted, pure)

Power consumption

Standby 0.35W, Rated Power 473W

Dimensions HxWxD

200 x 431 x 405 mm, 7.87 x 17 x 15.95” (excl. feet, knobs, binding posts)

218 x 431 x 439 mm, 8.58 x 17 x 17.28” (incl. feet, knobs, binding posts)

Shipping Carton HxWxD

319 x 534 x 550 mm, 12.56 x 21 x 21.65”

Net weight

22,1 Kg, 48.7 Lbs

Shipping weight

25 Kg, 55.1 Lbs


Manual, IR remote control, powercord


Measuring microphone