Moving the speakers from behind the screen creates a major challenge: how do we match the location of the sonic images created by the loudspeakers to the visual image locations on screen? Procella Audio already created the solution to this acoustical dilemma. The C102 designed for above screen placement.


The C102 is a three-way bi-amplified loudspeaker for above screen mounting in small to medium size rooms. Procella’s Above Screen speaker designs anticipate the physical environment of a Video Wall micro-LED display and resolve the acoustical challenges inherent to using display devices that do not allow speaker placement behind a screen.

Both C102 and C124 Full-Range Above Screen loudspeakers are the speakers originally designed for these cinemas. They are the recommended screen channel speakers for larger home theaters and screening rooms that plan to use a Video Wall micro-LED display.


Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 315 × 780 × 320 cm
power handling

High Frequency Continuous 350 watt | Peak 700 watt, Low Frequency Continuous 900 watt | Peak 1.800 watt


1m/1W 101dB

maximum SPL

Freestanding 131 dB continuous | 137 dB peak

frequency respons

-3dB points 50Hz and 16kHz

dispersion pattern

-6dB Constant directivity, 90 ̊ horizontal x 10° vertical above axis, 90° horizontal x 30° vertical below axis


4th Order Linkwitz-Riley @1.6 KHz


High 1” driver with 2” voice coil and Polymer diaphragm on elliptical constant directivity waveguide, Low 2 x 10” high output drivers with 3” voice coil in V-loaded sealed box, Mid 6.5” Neodymium driver with 2” voice coil


4 pole SPEAKON


Void free MDF internally cross braced Semi matte textured black paint finish

dimensions and weight

315 x 780 x 320/435 mm (20° tilt)


Sweden 100% QC testing