The C124V is a three-way Tri or Quad Amplified Screen loudspeaker designed for behind screen mounting in medium to large size rooms (150 seats plus). The six 10” high power low frequency drivers combined with a High-power 8″ midrange driver and a High Frequency Compression driver on a constant directivity waveguide gives it a 135dB continuous and 141dB peak SPL. The Mid/High frequency module can be rotated horizontally and the C124V has a very shallow enclosure (390mm).


The C124V is a three-way or quad amplified loudspeaker for behind screen mounting for medium and large size cinemas, 150 seats and more. The C124V are the recommended screen channel speakers for larger cinema’s.


power handling

High Frequency 250 watt continuous | 500 watt peak, Low Frequency 2 x 1.000 watt continuous | 2 x 2.000 watt peak


High Frequency 1 or 2 inputs, each 8 Ohm, Low Frequency 2 inputs, each 4 Ohm


1m/1W 102dB LF, 106dB HF

maximum SPL

Freestanding 135dB continuous | 141 dB peak

frequency respons

-3dB points 50Hz and 16kHz

dispersion pattern

80˚ horizontal x 10° vertical above axis, 80° horizontal x 20° vertical below axis, Constant directivity. Above 700 Hz:


4th Order Linkwitz-Riley @1.9 KHz


HIGH: 1” driver with 2” voice coil and Polymer diaphragm on elliptical constant directivity waveguide, LOW: 6 x 10” Neodymium driver with 2.5” voice coil in V-loaded sealed enclosure, MID: 8” Neodymium driver on elliptical constant directivity waveguide


2 x 4 pole SPEAKON


Void free MDF internally cross braced Painted black matte finish

dimensions and weight

1500 x 670 x 520/300/390 mm


Sweden 100% QC testing