Fortress seating and Procella Audio P6

private cinema Robert Andersson in Herrljunga

updated hardware in 2018 

From 7.1 to a 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, Auro3D layout.

Roberts favorite hobby is watching movies and fine-tuning sound and image in his private cinema. His superb Procella Audio Home Theater is a part of his large garage where Robert has done most of the work himself, with some help from friends and relatives.

“I was looking to buying new speakers for my private cinema" Robert explains. As new speakers would mean that the room had to be refurbished, I contacted Niklas Sjöö at NS Home Theater for advice. NSHT is a company specializing in High-End home-theater equipment (Custom Integration). Together with Anders Uggelberg of Procella Audio, with a long background as a THX cinema designer, Niklas came up with a new design for Roberts room.

Robert decided early on a baffle wall and a sound-transparent screen for his private cinema:
“Building the speakers in a baffle wall behind a sound-transparent film can make a huge difference for the sound quality," said Robert. I recommend everyone to build a baffle wall if you have the opportunity. it really makes a difference.

Robert went for a 124"Screen Research Clear Pix 2 2.35: 1 that not only conceals the front speakers, bi-amped Procella Audio P610, but also a Procella Audio P15 subwoofer. The surround speakers are Procella P6, identical to the LCR speakers. In the room there is also a Procella P10 subwoofer, located at one side wall and balances the room’s bass resonances. The acoustic ceiling is from Ecophon and so are the wall absorbers. The diffusers are from SMT.

Robert says that he must have spent a few hundred hours to tweak the sound and the image in his Home Theater over the years. “I try not to think about the cost… major part of the money went to the hardware".

Money well spent! The picture is stunning and the sound quality is amazing. The question is if any commercial cinema around the country can match the impact and quality of this Home Theater. “The ability to play high is in itself not the purpose" Robert points out. “But when you have the power to play loud without distortion you want to experience the full impact of the thunder, the explosions and the sound effects in the movie"

Hardware private cinema:

Processor: Trinnov Audio Altitude 32/24 Processor
Amplifiers: 8 x Procella Audio DA05-DSP

LCR Speaker: Procella Audio P610. 3-way system with active sharing to 10 “bass and passive between 6½" intermediate registers and compressor driver with waveguide.
Surround speaker: Procella Audio P6 (Same as LCR mid/Treble)
Ceiling speakers: 4 x Procella Audio P5
Wide Front: 2 x Procella Audio P5
Subwoofer: Procella Audio P15. 2pcs 15 “drivers in the closed box. Built-in Class D amplifier of 2x350W and DSP with 4 presets
Balancing Subwoofer: Procella Audio P10. 2pcs 10 “drivers In the end box. Built-in Class D amplifier of 2x350W and DSP with 4 presets
Projector: Sony VP-VW760ES UHD Laser Projector with Schneider Cinco-Linear Anamorphic System Lens
Screen Film: Screen Research ClearPix2 2.35: 1 (124 inches)
Blu-Ray Player: Oppo BDP-203EU UHD
Media Player: Dune HD 4K Pro, Apple TV 4K, Sonos Connect
Armchairs: Fortress Seatings Premium Matinee D-Box Ready
Acoustics: From the SMT and Acoustics Environment
Picture and audio cables: from Fiber, Benji, ​​Kramer and Supra, Isotek
Aquarius and Isotek Mira incl. Power cable from Isotek.

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