Sound Designer David Croziers Cinema with Procella Audio

Sound Designer David Crozier’s

“he calls it his little piece of Hollywood at the bottom of the garden”

A world-class home cinema for a retired audio professional in a most unlikely location – his English Garden.

David Crozier, recipient of four British Academy (BAFTA) nominations and winner of an Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for Motion Pictures award for Finding Neverland,chose a Procella Audio loudspeaker system for his unique Cabin Cinema, located in his Oxfordshire garden. The system consists of three P815 screen channels,four P8 surrounds, and two P18 subwoofers.

Now retired, Crozier, whose resume includes post-production sound credits for The Hours, Harry Potter and Mission Impossible, enjoys a true cinema experience in this extraordinary theatre, designed by Anders Uggelberg and Gerben Van Duyl.

“Working in the film industry as production sound mixer for many years, the challenge of recording artists’ dialogue has been my main focus. It is very important to find a loudspeaker system that reproduces ialogue exactly as it was recorded. Procella systems faithfully reproduce the original audio without colouration,” said David Crozier. “Every installation of Procella is overseen by both Anders Uggelberg and Gerben Van Duyl who will provide design advice for installation and acoustic treatment of the viewing room. I have listened extensively to Procella systems and look forward to hearing my work on this excellent speaker system.”

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