Procella - Invision Reference Home Cinema inside the cinema

UK Reference Home Cinema

Procella Audio Loudspeakers Featured in Invision Reference Home Theater

Procella’s UK reference home cinema is now open! Located at the headquarters of Procella distributor Invision, this 11.4.8 channel ultimate immersive audio system features 26 Procella loudspeakers: P815 screen channels; P6V wide channels and ear-level surrounds; P5 top channels; and P18 and P15 subwoofers. The theater is available for auditions on an appointment basis, and anyone interested should contact Invision to schedule a time and day.

The reference theater seats 8 listeners in an professionally designed and optimized acoustical environment. Audio Data Labs of Sweden provided the room design and acoustical treatments. The entire floor is designed as a bass trap, with six mm spacing between joists and the full volume filled with fiberglass. The screen speakers are located in a full baffle wall covered with Fiberglass absorber. The front third of the side walls is treated with absorbers, and diffusors are located on the rest of the side walls and the back wall. Finally, Helmholtz Resonators are located in the front and back areas of the ceiling.

The room made an auspicious debut in August 2019, with the premier UK presentation of DTS:X Pro technology. DTS:X Pro extends the immersive capabilities from the currently available 11 channels to the full 30.2 channel count of DTS:X. The 11.4.8 channel configuration includes wide channels, top front, middle and rear channels in the usual Atmos locations, plus two channels used in DTS:X that do not exist in Atmos: a center high channel and a top “voice of God” channel.

In addition to the Procella loudspeakers, the Reference Home Cinema features Trinnov Audio’s Altitude32 surround sound processor, the first and only home surround processor capable of discretely rendering up to 32 channels of Dolby Atmos, and now the only processor capable of rendering 32 channels of DTS:X Pro. Amplification is by Procella and Trinnov power amplifiers. The stunning visuals are provided by a JVC DLA-NX9 projector and a 175” diagonal Screen Innovation Zero Edge screen. The luxury experience is completed with Home Cinema Module’s super-comfortable theater seats.

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