The Founders of Procella Audio

The founders of Procella were asked for specific requirements for the DTS Theatre. It had to be a medium size room of about 30 seats, with superior audio and video capabilities from both cinema and home entertainment sources. On top of that, the room had to be capable of taking in new technologies as they would come along, such as the expected Digital Cinema (DCI) standard and new optical disc formats such as HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

The first compromise that needed to be found was the type of speakers and the layout of the speaker system. With the different requirements from the cinema and the home cinema side of the company. DTS needed a speaker system that could handle both with equal capability and prowess.

As no such speaker system could be found in the market, Anders and his colleague Gerben Van Duyl decided to design the speakers themselves, based on the exacting requirements of the DTS Theatre. Rather than compromising ‘down’ to a lowest common denominator, the design was aimed ‘up’ at the highest common denominator between the cinema and home entertainment requirements. Taking the best of both cinema speaker design and HiFi home speaker design. Anders improved on both through meticulous acoustic design, careful selection of the very best driver components, sophisticated mathematical modeling and finally, performance testing and optimising. This design was finalised and built by a specialist speaker factory in Sweden and installed in the DTS theatre in the summer of 2005.

Gerben van Duyl
founding partner
Gerben Van Duyl is a founding partner in Procella Audio and he is responsible for global business development and management.
Anders Uggelberg
founding partner
Anders Uggelberg is a founding partner in Procella Audio and he is responsible for product development and production.
Chuck Back
Chuck Back rounds out the Procella Audio team, becoming a partner in 2009 as the company launched operationsrnrnin the United States.