Procella - The Storm

Welcome to the website of Procella Audio, manufacturer of dedicated surround sound speaker systems for professional use, high quality home theatres and small, mediumto large-sized cinemas.

“in mare irato, in subita procella, invoco te nostra benigna stella" Gabriello Chiabrera (1552-1638)

Surround sound is not an invention of the film or audio industry; it is a fact of life. Everything is in 'surround sound'. Nothing exemplifies that better than a storm. Which exposes us to thunderous bass, mind-blowing mids and howling highs. It has silence in its eye and untold loudness in its rage. Nothing brings us back to nature like a storm. When it is over, it leaves us silent, awe-inspired, waiting for the first bird to start singing again.

Procella Audio speakers are designed to reproduce all forms of sound, life-like, natural, from the singing bird to the raging storm. Classical music, rock, pop or the latest blockbuster movie, the Procella Audio speaker system can bring it all to life…

Our speakers are designed without compromise: if it is better, we use it. The objective is to offer you a speaker system that produces the best audio quality possible, based on industry standards set by the professionals who make the music and movies to begin with. If you want the best speaker system money can buy, you have found it. Ask your AV installer to install a Procella Audio system in your home theatre or screening room and you will own a system that could belong to a music mixing studio, a post production facility or the private screening room of a movie director.

News and new products

The all new 2024 model Procella amplifiers DA03-DSP and DA08-DSP have a massive output and the horsepower to bring out every ounce of performance designed into each of Procella’s high-output speaker and subwoofer models.

DA03-DSP, four-channel amplifier to produce 4x 280W (8 ohms) and 4x 500W (4 ohms), but switch to bridge mode, and it will deliver 2x 1050W (8 ohms)!

DA08-DSP, four-channel amplifier to produce 4x 800W (8 ohms) and 4x 1600W (4 ohms), but switch to bridge mode, and it will deliver 2x 3200W (8 ohms) and 2x 5800W (4 ohms)!

Both are a single rack unit, these power stations ensure maximum output and dynamic range for all our loudspeakers and subwoofers. Factory presets enable multiple configurations with Procella’s high output speakers and subwoofers.

New and improved features

  • 2x AES3 input (4 channels)
  • Large Euroblock loudspeaker connectors
  • 12 Volt On/Standy connection
  • Improved fan control
  • Colour display
  • 40 Presets (both DA03-DSP and DA08-DSP)

DA03-DSP and DA08-DSP rear panel
New Procella subwoofers P10Si Mk2 and P18Si

P10Si Mk2 and P18Si our first single 18inch subwoofer

# P10Si Mk2, 10 inch long-throw driver with 65mm voice coil 35 litre sealed box with 115dB Max SPL @50 Hz

# P18Si, 18 inch long-throw driver with 102mm voice coil 102 litre sealed box with 133dB Max SPL @50 Hz

# external amplifier with DSP is required (1 channel DA03-DSP for P10Si Mk2 and 1 channel DA08-DSP for P18Si)

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Procella Audio European Reference Demo Cinema

Procella demo cinema, 15.3.10, 28 speakers, nearly 30,000 Watts of amplification UPDATE: work in progress first floor with Mediaroom 5.2.2 and a training room. Procella demo cinema is available to industry and end-users for demonstrations and training on an appointment basis Stockholm, Sweden and Harderwijk, Netherlands – December 2020 (update…

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Procella Audio European Reference Demo Cinema
Procella Star Wars Cinema, Bio ROYAL III

Procella Star Wars Cinema, Bio ROYAL III

A Theater that is Truly Extraordinary: “Bio Royal III” Procella Star Wars Cinema as experienced by Jonas Olsson of Translated from the original Swedish Quote from Benoit (Trinnov): Having visited dozens of High-end installations and showrooms over the past year, I must say this is one of the most…

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UK Reference Home Cinema

Procella Audio Loudspeakers Featured in Invision Reference Home Theater Procella’s UK reference home cinema is now open! Located at the headquarters of Procella distributor Invision, this 11.4.8 channel ultimate immersive audio system features 26 Procella loudspeakers: P815 screen channels; P6V wide channels and ear-level surrounds; P5 top channels; and P18…

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UK Reference Home Cinema

Dolby Atmos Studio with Procella: Studio 0, beBlue Aoyama, Tokyo

In this Dolby Atmos studio you see the facility’s chief sound designer and re-recording mixer, Mr. Kazutaka Someya, renowned as a master of surround sound with over 30 years of surround design experience. Regarding the choice of Procella, Someya-san said…

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Dolby Atmos Studio with Procella: Studio 0, beBlue Aoyama, Tokyo

ODEON Oslo Norway uses Procella Audio for 13 Dolby Atmos screens

Procella’s cinema division continues to grow at a very rapid pace! Our most recent installation was completed in March with the commissioning of the ODEON multiplex in Oslo, the largest cinema complex in Norway. ODEON cinemas can be found in 10 cities in Norway, and the Odeon Cinemas Group is…

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ODEON Oslo Norway uses Procella Audio for 13 Dolby Atmos screens


Finnkino Tennispalatsi SCAPE Theater in Helsinki, Finland has been awarded ICTA's "Classic Screen of the Year" award. The award will be presented at the ICTA conference in Barcelona later this summer. After the ISE, we visited this amazing cinema room, which uses a rather unique system to get both very…

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Procella Features and Benefits

Play louder and cleaner
Procella speakers simply play louder and cleaner than conventional speakers, using pro audio compression drivers for greater efficiency and power handling.

Maximum cinema performance and impact
Designed to Dolby, DTS, and THX commercial cinema standards, Procella speakers produce levels up to 105 dB at the listeners’ ears in any size room.

Every listener hears good sound and imaging
Constant directivity waveguides deliver wide, symmetrical coverage at all frequencies, so every seat hears well-balanced, intelligible sound.

Less listening fatigue
Clean and undistorted sound at high playback levels enables listeners to enjoy extended listening, even at cinema reference levels.

Massive subwoofer output
Dual 15, 18 and 21 inch subwoofers provide cinema impact in the largest rooms with lightning-quick transient response and extended deep bass.

Scalable and affordable
Procella’s Identical VoicesTM concept timbre-matches all models, with a range covering any size
room from 2 to 200 seats.

Easy to install
Slim, shallow cabinets (including subwoofers) easily accommodate placement on wall, built into wall, or concealed behind fabric or screen.

Easy to drive
High-efficiency designs require less amp power.
P6 Mk2 and P5 speakers achieve excellent results with better-quality receivers.

Full-range models maximize output and impact
Extending bass to 40 Hz, the P880, P815 and P610 Mk2 produce the greatest impact and sonic coherence, with even smoother bass throughout the room.

Designed and built in Sweden
Procella’s global reach includes offices in the EU, U.S. and Australia. Contact us for more details, product information and assistance with system design.