The Rock Dolby Atmos demo room

The Rock Dolby Atmos Demo Room

The Rock, The Great One! This fantastic new demo room for ‘The Rock’, one of the leading home theatre dealers in Sweden, is now open in Lund, Malmö. The room boasts highly advanced room acoustic treatments, with a bass trap in the rear wall, high frequency absorbers in the front and broad-range diffusers in the rear of the room. All speakers and room treatment material are kept visible for demonstration purpose. See

ATMOS 11.2.6

LCR:  3x. Procella P610
Surround:  6x  Procella P5V
Wide:  2x  Procella P5V
Ceiling:  6x  Procella P5V
SUB:  2x  P18-FP
Amplifiers subwoofers:  2x  DA06-DSP
Amplifiers LCR:  3x  DA05-DSP

Processor: Trinnov Altitude 32/24ch

Projector: JVC DLA-Z1
Screen: Screen Research Supreme FSD 406cm x 229cm

Let your future investment in imaging and audio equipment be delivered by a real specialist in the field, so it will be right straight away and you’ll be happy even in the long run.

The Rock Hemmabio AB